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Auteur - Composition No. 1 (50 ML)

The definitive expression of the AUTEUR skincare philosophy, this high-active, complex serum is designed to rescue and rejuvenate distressed or tired skin. Over 40 active ingredients in Composition No. 1 are carefully engineered to activate cellular regeneration and restore skin’s ability to achieve its optimal function and appearance.

A symphony of five powerful peptides are designed to reach deep beneath skin's surface to rejuvenate fibroblast cells, boost collagen formation, regenerate and reconstruct the lipid barrier, and restore skin’s own production of Hyaluron.

Golden Collagenine, a sophisticated delivery system based on gold and platinum particles, further boosts the bio-availability of peptides by up to 90x, amplifying the efficacy of active ingredients.

A 10% concentration of AUTEUR's Triple Flow Perfluorocarbon Complex vastly increases the flow of oxygen into skin, reviving the cellular metabolism, enhancing the healthy production and formation of collagen and elastin, eliminating toxins and delivering damage repair. Skin is able to achieve a healthier state of equilibrium with youthful functions activated.

Hydration is restored through a combination of amino-acids, skin-identical lipids, AUTEUR’s Hyaluronic Complex, and botanically-derived actives that deliver multiple molecular weights of moisture throughout all layers of the skin. Skin appears smoother and more voluminous while signs of dehydration including fine lines are minimised.

Retinol and Lactic Acid work together to gently smooth and refine skin’s surface and texture, while antioxidants fight free-radical damage and guard against signs of photo-aging including spots, lines, wrinkles and pigmentation.

Composition No. 1 is a complete regenerative solution designed to restore skin to its optimal condition.