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Biologique Recherché - Cryo Sticks

Cryo Sticks are best for sensitive and reactive skin types.  Designed in stainless steel due to its cooling properties, Cryo-Sticks are used to decrease redness as part of your at-home routine. Stored in the refrigerator, they store maximum thermal energy, ensuring cold is diffused in contact with the skin throughout treatment; additionally they:

  • Have a high capacity and thermal conductivity.
  • Store a maximum of cold, then diffuse it on contact with the skin throughout your at-home.
  • Lower skin temperature and promote vasoconstriction
  • Decongest and soothe the skin
  • Stimulates arrector pili muscles for a tightening effect

Directions for use: Use for 5 minutes.  Clean the Cryo Sticks with a disinfectant wipe or cotton wool soaked in alcohol. Put them back in their case in the refrigerator until they are used again.

A set of 2 sticks is included.