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Biologique Recherché - Gommage P50 Corps (6.8 Fl. Oz)

Gommage P50 Corps offers intense mechanical and chemical exfoliation for the thickest epidermises or the roughest areas, to regenerate the skin. Gommage P50 Corps removes dead cells and impurities from the skin and tones the epidermis. The treatment leaves your skin refined, radiant and soft and ready for the next Biologique Recherché products.

Gommage P50 Corps is a luxurious gel rich in Lotion P50. It contains natural grains and is formulated to exfoliate and stimulate the epidermis effectively in all the body areas. Its formula is rich in Alpha, Poly-Alpha, Beta-Hydroxy-Acids, as well as moisturizing and regenerating active ingredients which have been specially selected to provide delicate biological exfoliation, gently loosening the body's dead skin cells and replenishing the epidermis with powerful antioxidants. The minute crushed Walnut Kernel grains provide more intensive mechanical exfoliation for the rough areas and improve the quality of the exfoliation. This gel contains moisturizing ingredients

Directions for use: Apply the product to wet skin, paying special attention to rough areas (elbows, knees, feet).  For thick skin, apply to dry skin. Rinse off in the shower, finishing with a spray of cold water. Avoid the immediate exposure to the sun after the application of the product.