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Environ - Moble DF


Environ's Electro-Sonic DF Mobile device is an innovative handheld skincare technology designed to assist with delivering essential nutrients to where skin needs them the most, making a lasting difference to your skin.  The DF Mobile is an at-home device that uses low frequency Sonophoresis and Iontophoresis and is intended to temporarily disrupt the epidermis to improve the penetration of skincare for cosmetic applications.

Directions of use:  Step 1 - Cleanse & Tone with your preferred products, Step 2 - Apply one selected serum only, Step 3 - Dampen the provided towel and hold the side conductive panels, Step 4 - Switch the DF Mobile on Program One - used with all serums with the exception of Colostrum Gel or a contraindication to Iontophoresis. 15 second holds (indicated by beep) until target area is treated.  If you are contraindicated to use iontophoresis OR are using colostrum; use program three.  Program Three - 15 second holds (indicated by beep) until target area is treated.  Step 5 - Finish with balance of skincare regimen.